Send us your business plan and we’ll poke holes in it. We’ll give you two rounds of review. C$499 flat rate.

Reality Check

The broad purpose of our business plan review is to ask hard questions, and apply practical knowledge and expose your business plan and budget to critical analysis backed by real world experience. 


Capital - Did you account for everything you need? Are your estimates realistic? Are there equipment alternatives you haven't thought of?

Startup - How much of a runway do you need? 

Operating -  Have you captured all of your operating costs? Have you accounted for all of the day-to-day expenses required to run your distillery?

Costs of goods sold - What goes into producing a bottle of spirit?

Revenue - Is it realistic? How much will you sell through various channels? What kind of growth can you reasonably expect?

Content & Structure

We'll make sure you've applied consistent thinking and clear language to your business plan, and that the most important ideas are clearly articulated and given the prominence investors are looking for.